The department and its highly qualified faculties are continuously working in research and development activities in areas of herbal formulation development, standardization and quality control of herbal formulations. Herbal garden is enriched with variety of medicinal plants to provide practical exposure to students. Standardization, extraction and screening of various plants is carried out for academic and research purpose. 

Compound Microscope

⦁ Autoclave
⦁ Micro-centrifuge & Centrifuge Machine
⦁ Compound Microscope, Oil Immersion Microscope & Projection Microscope
⦁ Camera Lucida with Stage Micrometer & Eye Piece
⦁ BOD Incubator
⦁ IR Moisture Balance
⦁ Filtration Assembly
⦁ Hot Air Oven
⦁ Over Head Projector
⦁ Soxhlet Assembly
⦁ Clevengers Assembly
⦁ Rotary Shaker
⦁ Sterility Testing Unit
⦁ TLC Kit with Sthals Applicator
⦁ Vacuum Pump
⦁ Muffle Furnace
⦁ Various Crude Drugs & Ayurvedic Formulations
⦁ Various Charts & Specimen
⦁ Herbarium Sheets of various plants
⦁ Medicinal Plant Garden with a Number of Plants

⦁ Pharmacognosy Laboratory I
⦁ Pharmacognosy Laboratory II
⦁ Museum


Research Areas
⦁ Phyto-Chemical screening of plant extracts
⦁ Isolation and extraction of Active plant constituents.
⦁ Biological evaluation of plant extracts of medicinal importance