Justice N. L. Tibrewal
Former Act. Chief Justice and Governer of Rajasthan.

From the Desk of Patron

Jaipur College of Pharmacy endeavours to strive in educating and training the future pharmasists. The institute is designed with a vision to develop it as the centre of excellence in the field of pharmacy education. I am happy to be in association with the institution and wish them all success in there personal as well as professional life.


Prof. M. M. Agrawal
Jaipur College of Pharmacy

From the Desk of Chairman

It is my proud privileges to welcome the students in Jaipur College of Pharmacy (JCP). The institute has been established by the modern society for education and research which was established in 2002 to impart professional education. The society maintains very standards of education to meet the challenges of the highly competitive world. I have no doubt that with highly motivated and committed faculty backed by top class infra-structure facilities, high quality of education and training will be provided. I wish all the students a bright professional carrier.


Dr. Mayank Bansal
Jaipur College of Pharmacy

From the Desk of Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our Jaipur College of Pharmacy and welcome you to our campus. The pharmacy programme at Jaipur College of Pharmacy are designed to meet the challenges and requirements of Pharma and Health Industry globally. The pharmacy programme at Jaipur College of Pharmacy are grounded in continuous quality improvement with greater emphasis on the integration of a strong science foundation with the professional skills required for successful pharmacy practice. Jaipur College of Pharmacy embodies a sprit of community in which cooperation, trust, and mutual respect are valued elements.