Library at a glance:

Space: 220 sq. feet
Text Books: 7464
Reference Books: 150
International Journals: 06
National Journals: 19

Library Networking (DELNET)

The College is subscribed to DELNET. It provides access to not only the pharmacy but also other journals of medical and biological sciences. It also provide Inter Library Loan(ILL) service for books.

List Of Journals

Sr No Name of Journals
  International Journal
1. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Nanotechnology
2. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics
3. International Journal of Pharmacology & Biological Science
4. International Journal of Chemical Sciences
5. Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
6. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Reaearch
  National Journal
1. Research Journal of Pharmacy & Technology
2. Research Journal of Pharma Dosage Forms & Technology
3. Indian Journals of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
4. Indian Journals of Pharmacology
5. Indian Journals of Pharmaceutical Science
6. Journals of G.M.P. Industrial Pharmacy
7. Indian Pharmacist
8. Pharma Review
9. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
10. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A
11. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B
12. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
13. Indian Journal of Natural Products & Resources
14. Advances in Pharmacology & Taxocology
15. Indian Drug
16. Express Pharma
17. Indian Journal of Community Medicine
18. Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics
19. Journal of Pharmacy Bio Allied Sciences